Kiwi Seeds

Kiwiseeds is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are a cannabis seed-bank offering a range of top quality plant and herb cannabis seeds for health and medicinal purposes. We are also professionals in the horticulture trade, and offer our expertise in this area. The web is full of so called cannabis seed companies that have sprung up over the last ten years. Many of these are nothing more than scams run by people that haven't even grown cannabis let alone bred cannabis seeds properly. Now that the heyday is over for these companies, they're being weeded out, and many are struggling to survive. The public are far more aware and only the genuine businesses will survive the next ten years. Our cannabis seeds are the product of more than ten years breeding with genetics sourced from Cambodia, Thailand, New-Zealand, S.Africa, India and Afghanistan. At Kiwiseeds we offer unique hybrids of our own, such as the award winning 'Mako Haze', 'Milkyway' and 'White Island', plus familiar favorites with our own twist like the 'Kiwiskunk' and 'Daddy's Girl'. All the seed strains are grown and tested by us for vigor, flowering times and T.H.C production. The marijuana seeds are professionally produced, fresh, and of very high health, ensuring the best germination rates. Kiwiseeds seeds consistently show in excess of 90% germination when grown the way we suggest.