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Grand Daddy Purp

There are plenty of sites you can visit to find out about the medicinal uses for marijuana, but we feel this is the one site that is comprehensive enough to answer all your questions and attend to your medical marijuana needs. While I’ve been involved in the Medical Marijuana movement since 1993, this is the first time I’ve taken over 25 years of experience and set it down in one place where you can quickly and easily access everything I’ve learned the hard way, without having to make the same mistakes that I made.

As a medical patient myself, for the last 35 years I tried to create this website’s real focus on you, someone who is looking for Superior Strains that really work on producing relief from pain, a medical condition or for advice on growing and cultivating superior quality strains of Medical Marijuana. So if that’s what your looking for then Grand Daddy Purp is the right place at the right time for you to be.

My name is Ken Estes and I’ve been advocating for the legal use of Medical Marijuana for over 20 years. Over the years I have opened several Medical Marijuana cooperatives and have hybridized some of the best strains of marijuana available in collectives today.

Strains that are proven effective for the treatment of such medical conditions as glaucoma, constant pain due to illness or injury, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal disorders and other problems. My “Grand Daddy Purp” strain, developed in 2003, is known world wide for its ability to control pain while allowing you to stay focused.