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Tasty Puff Flavoured E-Liquid

Tasty Puff Flavoured E-Liquid

Tasty Puff Flavoured E-Liquid

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Tasty Puff Flavoured E-Liquid
Tasty Puff have been around for a good few years now.  Their flavoured tobacco sprays and drops are market leaders and continue to enjoy huge popularity with tobacco smokers.
Now, Tasty Puff have turned their sights to the booming e-liquid market and released this huge range of flavoured e-juices
Made in the USA with FDA approved ingredients, Tasty Puff e-juice is made from Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and natural and artificial flavourings.  The e liquid refills come in 12ml bottles with 0mg nicotine.  
The Black Ice flavour e liquid from Tasty Puff is a liquorice flavour e-juice with a frosty cool finish.
Blue Ice flavour e liquid from Tasty Puff is a blueberry flavour e-juice with a frosty cool finish.
Cigar Al Capone flavour e liquid from Tasty Puff is a dark, rich tobacco flavour e-juice with authentic taste and scent from the Tobacco Road range.
Fire And Ice flavour e liquid from Tasty Puff is a complex, cinnamon flavoured e-juice with a fresh, cool finish from the Ice E-juice range.
The Native Spirit flavour e liquid from Tasty Puff is a bold, tobacco flavour e-juice with authentic taste and scent.
Lucky Lite flavour e liquid from Tasty Puff is a classic tobacco flavoured e-juice designed to taste like your favourite brand of cigarettes from the Tobacco Road range.
12ml bottle
0mg nicotine
FDA-approved ingredients
Pharamaceutical grade nicotine

Available for collection from our retail head shop / warehouse in Harrow, North West London, Middlesex UK

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