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Real Leaf 30g

Real Leaf 30g

Real Leaf

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Real Leaf Herbal Smoking Mix

Want to quit smoking tobacco? Grab yourself the Real Leaf classic herbal blend and shun the nasty nicotine side effects. Carefully handcrafted using the highest-quality herbs and myriad of other ingredients such as marshmallow leaves, raspberry leaves, and mulleins, the Real Leaf provides smokers with the best smoking experience. 
Unlike other tobacco alternatives which come with a disgusting aftertaste, this herbal blend boasts a delicate texture, well-balanced flavor, and an authentic aroma. With an earthly-soft taste and 100% natural blend, Real Leaf allows you to derive the unique benefits of medical marijuana while helping you cut down tobacco intake. 
Concerned about addiction, that is a non-issue since this product is nicotine-free. Additionally, you don't have to worry about watery eyes, stomach upsets, hiccups or mouth, and throat soreness; the Real Leaf herbal blend is infused with nature's best ingredients which are free from any toxic substances. Besides setting you free from the side-effects emanating from tobacco use, this unique product allows you to enjoy the divine taste and smell of finely ground natural weed in the cleanest way possible. 
Outstanding Features
• 100% herbal blend.
• Infused with other top-quality ingredients that provide sweet and delicate taste and aroma.
• Nicotine and formaldehyde free, thus not addictive.
• Burns at the right pace and is easy to roll into a joint.
Apart from its high-end quality, the Real Leaf herbal blend boasts a high-end packaging that comes in packets of four. Smokers have the freedom to either go for the individual package or the combo package which features a bonus packet of Real Leaf. Each pack features 30 grams of herbal blend, which is estimated to produce up to 60 rolls. 
Final Verdict
As the world continues to emphasize the dangers of smoking tobacco, the need for alternative products continues to soar. However, most of the alternatives in the market come with drawbacks such as disgusting taste and smell. Therefore, we understand why Real Leaf has hit the ground running in the cannabis industry. Besides its attractive packaging, the Real Leaf herb blend boasts a combination of natural herbs which not only tastes and smells good but gives you a feeling of balance and perfect harmony when you smoke it Wish to give it a try? Log on to www.real-leaf.com and grab your package.  
Handcrafted tobacco free herbal blend with a delicate texture and unique aroma. Our classic blend contains red raspberry leaves, marshmallow and mulleins. 100% organic.
No nicotine, formaldehyde or DDT

Available for collection from our retail head shop / warehouse in Harrow, North West London, Middlesex UK

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  • Author: Char
    Been smoking Real leaf for 2 years now and haven't touched tobacco since, I haven't had any coughing or chest problems since, you can taste YOUR herbs and it stops any major coughing and tickling so you can get the best out of your smoke, Real leaf by far is the best

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