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Honey Bee Extractor

Honey Bee Extractor

Honey Bee Extractor Tube

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The Honey Bee Extractor is used to extract the oils from plant matter.  The oil is then used for bathing, incense or aroma therapy.  The Honey Bee holds up to 28g of plant material.
The World's 1st Pocket Sized Honey Oil Extractor using the latest space age chemically resistant plastic. This is not made of PVC like the cheap imitations, knock offs or DIY / PVC pipe and fittings. Get the Real thing!! The Original honey bee extractor!!

This is the safest way to extract the purest Essential Honey Oil from your herb or flowers in the shortest possible TIME (usually in under 1 hour)!
All supplies needed are at your local grocery store!!!

  • No big messes to clean up!
  • Dishwasher safe!
  • No foul smells to deal with!
  • There is no heat source needed!
  • This is the most simple way of oil extraction ever!

This Revolutionary new product easily and safely extracts the best oil from your product. we guarantee it!! You won't believe how this works or how easy it is to do.

Honey bee extractors comes with full instructions and three filters.

*** Note that we cannot guaranteed the color of your Honey Bee Extractor as no two extractors are the same.

Available for collection from our retail head shop / warehouse in Harrow, North West London, Middlesex UK

For use with legal herbs / plants only. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!

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  • Author: MesMods
    Absolutely amazing for the price. Works better then I thought and a lot easier to use. Would highly recommend for a starter setup.

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